The Sundering Chronicles

by Mark Iles

A new epic science fiction series from Mark Iles begins with Gardens of Earth.

The Sundering, a tragic accident arising from the use of a top-secret spacecraft drive to try to end an alien invasion, decimated the earth and tore reality. The aliens, known as Spooks, won the war and claimed Earth. Some humans survive on Earth, living in sparse settlements in a pre-industrial society under the watchful eye of the Spooks. Earth is greener, and the Spooks have introduced creatures that many had believed to be mere legends. Human colonies on other worlds continue to grow, hoping one day to be able to reclaim Earth.

The Sundering Chronicles is an epic Science Fiction series, but the Spooks have rendered the world in a new light as a realm of myth and magic.

Gardens of Earth

Book I of The The Sundering Chronicles

Cover artwork by Alex Storer

Corporate greed supported by incompetent surveyors leads to the colonisation of a distant world, ominously dubbed ‘Halloween’, that turns out not to be uninhabited after all. The aliens, soon called Spooks by military units deployed to protect the colonists, can adopt the physical form of an opponent’s deepest fear and then use it to kill them. The colony is massacred and as retaliation the orbiting human navy nuke the planet. In revenge, the Spooks invade Earth…
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