The Unwritten Words series

by Christopher Nuttall

The Golden City has fallen, the Empire is no more, ancient magic threatens the land

In The Unwritten Words, Christopher Nuttall’s story-telling mastery weaves a new epic which follows on from his bestselling Bookworm series and is set in that same world. In The Promised Lie, the first book of the new series, five years have passed since the earth-shattering events of Bookworm IV.

Shifting focus away from the Golden City and the powerful magical families who lived there, the Unwritten Words looks to what is happening in the other kingdoms that are suddenly no longer in thrall to the Empire. The few sorcerors who are left have no authority, so land grabs and power plays rely on might rather than magic. Which means that anyone who can wield magic has an immediate advantage.

The story starts in the Summer Isle…

© 2017 Alison Buck and Christopher Nuttall
© 2017 Alison Buck and Christopher Nuttall

The first book in The Unwritten Words series, The Promised Lie, was published by Elsewhen Press in February 2018.

The Unwritten Words series will be available as unabridged audiobooks from Tantor Media Inc. narrated by Zehra Jane Naqvi. They will be available through major audiobook retailers.


The Promised Lie

The first book in the Unwritten Words series

Cover artwork by Alison Buck
Cover artwork by Alison Buck

The Golden City has fallen. The Grand Sorcerer and Court Wizards are dead. The Empire they ruled is nothing more than a memory, a golden age lost in the civil wars as kings and princes battle for supremacy. And only a handful of trained magicians remain alive.

Isabella Majuro, Lady Sorceress, is little more than a mercenary, fighting for money in a desperate bid to escape her past. But when Prince Reginald of Andalusia plots the invasion of the Summer Isle, Isabella finds herself dragged into a war against strange magics from before recorded history …

… And an ancient mystery that may spell the end of the human race.

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