Extracts from The Book of Shadow

by Sanem Ozdural

A LiGa pamphlet

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

There is a place called Pera which lies beyond the Light Veil, on the other side of reality. There are light trees there that eat sunlight and bear fruit that, in turn, lights up and energises (literally) the community of Pera. There are light birds that glitter in the night because they have eaten the seed of the lightberry. Deep within Pera resides Shadow, the veritable soul of the place. Fundamental to the life of every person in Pera is the Book of Shadow – not so much a single book as a library of stories, poems and songs that inform the psychology, sociology and mythology of the Perans.

To the non-Pera born Shadow may be elusive and the Book of Shadow too big to comprehend. With the help of two of LiGa’s Immortals, we have an initiation of sorts into the mind and soul of Pera. Orion (Imm.) provides an introduction to Shadow, while Roland Griffith S.J. (Imm.) offers us a personal selection from the Book of Shadow.

Thanks to the generosity of LiGa, and to celebrate the print publication of the Dark shall do what Light cannot, in which we first met Shadow, we are delighted to be able to offer you this pamphlet as a freely downloadable pdf or eBook.

Shadow is one of the most enthralling beings ever created in modern speculative fiction

Seregil of Rhiminee, Risingshadow

Extracts from The Book of Shadow, became available for free download to celebrate the publication of the paperback edition of the Dark shall do what Light cannot on 27 July 2015.


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