Colouring book for adults

by Alison Buck

Futures cover image

In the last year there has been a surge of interest in adult colouring books, accompanied by a range of claims about how they can de-stress your life, help you unwind, relax, self-express, achieve mindfulness, banish anxiety or even deal with a traumatic experience. While many of these colouring books have been filled with abstract images such as mandalas, or natural objects such as flowers and butterflies, fans of science fiction have had no way to participate while remaining immersed in their chosen genre. Until now!

This book contains science fiction artwork for you to colour. The images range from the retro feel of 50s pulp paperback covers, to simplified but accurately rendered views of the heavenly bodies of our solar system as a space probe passes through on a fly-by; from androids that look human, to humans that look alien; aliens that look alien; aliens that are trying to blend in; and both sides in a space war. All 31 of them are original artwork by the artist Alison Buck, creator of many science fiction and fantasy book covers.

Is it therapeutic? Maybe. Is it fun? Definitely. Will it help you escape from the immediate realities of your world into another dimension in space or time? That depends on you and your imagination. Have fun… happy colouring.

Back cover of Futures

The pages can be coloured in the book, or can be cut out to colour in and frame. Each image is on a separate page with nothing on the back apart from the image title and some space for the colourist to sign it. Once coloured they can even be given as a gift to that special someone in the colourist’s life (man, woman, child, cyborg).

The colourist can use the appropriate colours (we all know aliens are green, right?) or they can let their imagination and creativity guide them to colour them in any way they like. There is no right way or wrong way, only their way. There is also plenty of room for them to add their own creative elements – a bird in the sky flying over an alien landscape, a logo on a military uniform or spaceship…

Futures was published in paperback on 25th March 2016.

ISBN: 978-1-908168-86-3 paperback 72pp List price £7.99 / €10.99 / US$12.99
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