He Who Dies With the Most Friends Isn’t Immortal

by Ira Nayman

Being both a Fable from Digitaleusia and a
Transdimensional Authority
short story.

Cover art by Alison Buck
Cover art by Alison Buck

The option of a basket of digital chocolate being both unappealing and technologically hampered, Arrundel, the leader of the digital gods, wanted a tale for the edification and delight of mortals to be made available as a gift for Shanneaver Sunday. Of course, nothing is ever so straightforward in Digitaleusia.

The epic proposed by fellow god Ganglion would “tell a tale that connected all world religions to the one true digital religion. It would be a celebration of Easter, Passover, Schmeckler’s Farrago, satyr’s delight, the Ultimate Feast of the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, the –”

But Arrundel wasn’t prepared to wait, “Write me a fable,” Arrundel had demanded. “A nice, instructive, short fable.”

So, just in time for Shanneaver Sunday, we are delighted to bring you that fable as a free gift, starring none other than ePik Flayel, the Trickster god. If you’ve read You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* by Ira Nayman you will already have met Flayel.

If you haven’t read You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* by Ira Nayman you should be ashamed of yourself for letting the funniest author in all the multiverse pass you by (although, in all fairness, he probably passed you by on the other side of the street while you were looking the other way distracted by a shiny book from one of those lesser authors with whom you’ve been wasting valuable reading time lately). Now, though, you have the opportunity to sneak into Ira’s world and have a look around.

Happy Schmeckler’s Farrago.

*But You Can Mess With its Head

He Who Dies With the Most Friends Isn’t Immortal, became available for free download on 19 April 2014.


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