Million Eyes: Extra Time

by C.R. Berry

Twelve time-twisting tales set in the world of the Million Eyes novel

Cover: PR Pope

Million Eyes: Extra Time is a compilation of short stories set in the universe of C.R. Berry’s time travel conspiracy thriller trilogy, Million Eyes.

The stories act as an introduction to the Million Eyes world, exploring themes that are central to the trilogy and offering a unique insight into its time-travelling villains. They focus on side characters who (mostly) do not appear in the trilogy while revealing clues to key storylines in all three books.

Many of these stories are inspired by conspiracy theories and urban legends you may recognise.

Think of these tales as a bit like the mini-episodes you get with TV series – Star Trek: Short Treks, Lost: Missing Pieces, and Doctor Who’s many prequels, mini-adventures and ‘Tardisodes’.

While the stories in Million Eyes: Extra Time can stand alone, you’ll notice that a number of them are strongly linked and follow a loose chronology. The author’s advice is that you read them in the order that they are presented.

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Million Eyes: Extra Time became available for free download on October 9th 2019.


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