Million Eyes: Over Time

by C.R. Berry

Five more time-twisting tales set in the world of the Million Eyes trilogy

Cover: PR Pope
Cover: PR Pope

Million Eyes: Over Time is an addendum to C.R. Berry’s previous compilation of short stories, Million Eyes: Extra Time. Extra Time had twelve stories set in the universe of his time travel conspiracy thriller trilogy, Million Eyes. Over Time adds five extra stories.

Like Extra Time, Over Time expands on a world where time travel is real and being used by an enigmatic organisation, Million Eyes, to manipulate our history and our lives. These stories fill in gaps and tie off loose ends by exploring some of the collateral impacts of their incursions. Some of the stories are inspired by real legends and concepts associated with time travel.

At the end of this collection, you can read an exclusive extract of the third and final book in the Million Eyes trilogy, Million Eyes III: Ouroboros.

Million Eyes and Million Eyes II: The Unraveller are available as ebooks and paperbacks. Million Eyes: Extra Time is available as a free download.

With these five short stories, and the upcoming Ouroboros, the tale of Million Eyes, and all the people caught in its crosshairs, will be complete.

Screenshots from the ePub edition:

Million Eyes: Over Time was available for free download from January 9th 2023.


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