The Harlequin: The Draper’s Reel

by J.A. Mortimore and Penelope Hill

Question my honesty if you must, but nobody, and I mean nobody, questions my skill.

The Harlequin: The Draper’s Reel by J.A. Mortimore & Penelope Hill; Cover art by Penelope Hill
Cover art by Penelope Hill

I’ve never paid much attention to the gods, which may be why I foolishly agreed to steal Pardeem’s reel. It seemed a straightforward enough challenge for a master trickster like me, but with things like this you never know.

Leaving my cosy retirement isn’t difficult. Wearing the Harlequin’s hat again feels right.  However returning to Emor holds challenges. Old friends and enemies wait in the shadows; maybe I can turn that to my advantage. But now my own god seems to be paying me far too much attention.  This isn’t going to be straightforward.

But that’s the thrill, isn’t it? To dance with peril, to spin with the twists, to confound expectations and to embrace the trick for its own sake. The Harlequin doesn’t give up at the first hurdle.


If I can carry this off, it will be the heist of a lifetime.

Failure might cost me everything.

The Harlequin: The Draper’s Reel, will be published in ebook on 12 July 2024 and in paperback on 12 AUgust 2024.

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