The Founder Effect – no. 1


The most remarkable thing about me is I have twelve fingers and twelve toes; six fingers on each hand, six toes on each foot. And I don’t mean unsightly nubs that can be shorn off in a hospital with a scalpel and some alcohol. I mean bone, knuckles, nails, sensation. So perfectly formed that if I shook your hand, you wouldn’t notice. It might even take you a week, maybe longer. Not a casual thing. It would take a moment of intimacy.

As you might imagine, I’ve read quite a bit about my remainder. The medical establishment has the most to say, but I find science so dull. I prefer history, poetry. A doctor diagnoses a “condition.” A poet marvels at divinity. Continue reading “The Founder Effect – no. 1”

Diary of a Neobody – January 9th, 2112

Hello again diary.

I’m still undecided about what to say to Mr. Fairly about the press conference he wants to arrange. I say that as if he hasn’t already planned the entire thing – all he’s really waiting on is my agreement. I’ll probably do it. There are no real reasons not to.

It won’t bring me to the attention of the Pro-Nat activists, and if they really cared, I wouldn’t have to go on a live cast for them to find out about me. Information about androids with AI and emotional implants is public record so that people can check up on us. So people know what they’re hiring. Though Grace told me to start thinking of myself as a ‘who’ now. It still sounds weird to me, but I suppose the fact that I can now think it sounds weird is proof that it fits. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – January 9th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – January 2nd, 2112

So I’ve decided to keep a diary.  It seems as good a time as any – I’ve just become acquainted with the human concept of ‘a new year’s resolution’ after all.  I thought it was something to do with holopict’ display sizes at first, but then my good friend Grace explained it to me.

‘Good friend’.  It’s another concept I’m having a hard time coming to terms with.  It was never a problem before, but following my implant last month, everything has been a bit of a rush.  Who knew human emotions could be so much fun?  Though, I suppose ‘fun’ is an emotional response so, by definition, fun has to be a possible descriptor.  Before, I would experience…well, nothing, upon seeing Grace.  Now however, I feel a surge of what I think is happiness when I see her.  I know she’s only my case worker, but I feel connected to her in a way that ‘indebted’ doesn’t truly cover.  I wonder if I’ll get used to it, and it’ll go away? Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – January 2nd, 2112”

AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale

** Today’s Tech Highlights **

** From Wolf News Online **

**     23 December 2023     **


In the last full day’s shopping before Christmas, it looks like the number one bestseller is AllEye the latest bioApp from GargantuaSoft.  This lets a user provide a real-time feed from their bioImplant to storage on one of GargantuaSoft’s servers; the feed can feature on GargantuaSoft’s own highlights service or be embedded in the user’s PersonalPage so their friends can subscribe to it.  It is being described as the first genuine ‘stream of consciousness’ bioApp. Continue reading “AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale”