Diary of a Neobody – April 9th, 2112

Hello diary.

I very nearly missed my entry today.  After the trip with everyone yesterday, I’ve been somewhat…distracted.

The activity centre was more impressive that I expected, to be honest.  It was almost a geodome like the ones in the US, just on a much smaller scale.  The entire place, barring the entrance and reception buildings, was underground.  It was like descending into some kind of strange grotto devoted to team-building exercises.  The whole area was made up of pseudo-woodland, with dirt paths leading between the different activities.  I hesitate to call them ‘games’, but that’s what a lot of them were, really; we certainly weren’t taking any of it seriously. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – April 9th, 2112”

Postcards From The Future #2

In the year 2210, on the brink of a time-travel breakthrough, an anonymous international competition is held to find the most appropriate and entertaining postcard messages that should be sent back in time to the year 2013. Anyone can take part. The winners are surprising… 


In the brave new world of the future, not everyone gets to partake of perfection. I am what in your time was called a tramp, a misfit. Here and now they call me a Maladjustnik, a word that of course you will not know. But I think you will understand the condition all too well, if this message ever reaches you. Continue reading “Postcards From The Future #2”

Diary of a Neobody – April 2nd, 2112

Hello diary.

Things have been tense in November since last week.  Three other attacks on androids were reported from Wednesday to Friday.  I shudder to think that there might be others that simply haven’t been reported, or haven’t been discovered.  Or at least, I would, if I could shudder.  But that’s not the point.

Either way, it’s made walking home from work at night a very different experience.  I’ve been watching out for groups of people on the same side of the road, and trying to avoid them.  Even only twos and threes in some cases.  It’s odd too – until last Monday, I was getting shocked or surprised looks from people as they saw my clothes.  Now, however, I’ve been noticing a lot of people looking at me differently; I think some of it is pity.  In fact, I’m sure most of it is.  They see me, and they know that something bad has been happening this last week.  And they know that I’m making myself into a target. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – April 2nd, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – March 27th, 2112

Hello diary.

An android was murdered last night.  Right here in the city.

Thinking about it, I don’t know if murdered is the right word.  It’s certainly not the one that the city’s news retailers are using.  They’re mostly just calling it ‘an attack’, and a few have said ‘destroyed’.  When I first heard them, I was offended on his behalf that they seemed to think that he wasn’t ‘alive’, and so, technically, could not be killed.

But really, I think they might be right.  He was a standard model; no emotion chip, or special upgrades.  Entirely stock parts.  Once the Police have decided that they have better things to do, he will be rebuilt.  Even if his central core systems and memory had been damaged, his memories and programming quirks could be easily replaced from his last backup.  So really, has he died?  Or maybe he died and is being reincarnated? Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – March 27th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – March 19th, 2112

Hello diary.

Again, it has been a strange week.  Everyone at the office seems accustomed to my affectation of a suit – Mr. Fairly has declared it a ‘grand idea’, and was quite surprised that it wasn’t more commonplace among my brothers.  I have no explanation for him.

At first, the thought of clothing felt somehow wrong to me.  A singularly human thing.  But then, some people dress their pets, so it cannot truly be ‘the clothes that maketh the man’.  Does the man maketh the clothes?  Well, I suppose, a robot production line somewhere maketh the clothes, but the final effect is determined by the person wearing them. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – March 19th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – March 12th, 2112

Hello diary.

It has been a…strange week.

On Wednesday, I wore clothes to work for the first time. I turned more than a few heads on the way into work, and indeed once I had arrived as well. At first it was horribly embarrassing. I felt somewhat ridiculous, like…I’m not actually sure what. There are no relevant clichés I can draw upon to really describe it. Evidently I was not a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, nor was I ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. I wonder if there are any other sheep-based clothing similes I should know about. Maybe one that applies does exist, but I have not encountered, or been programmed with, knowledge of it. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – March 12th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – March 6th, 2112

Hello diary.

Sorry for missing my entry yesterday – I was out most of the evening with Grace and by the time I finally arrived home I decided I’d leave it and write today instead.  You haven’t had to wait all that long I suppose.  Besides, it was quite an important evening for me, so you’ll just have to live with it. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – March 6th, 2112”

Postcards From The Future #1


The argument goes that if anyone ever masters time travel then The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, is the first point in time they could send anything back to. Let’s say they start with postcards… Continue reading “Postcards From The Future #1”

Diary of a Neobody – February 27th, 2112

Hello diary.

Skiing was almost a complete success! We all had half an hour on the practice slope, since none of us had done it before, but then we were all allowed onto the larger slopes for the rest of our time there. Everyone really enjoyed themselves – or at least, they all said they did and showed no signs of lying about it. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – February 27th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – February 20th, 2112

Hello diary.

On Friday, I noticed something that I never previously had – I write dates differently to the rest of the office.  Everyone else is international and local, and the only American has lived here in November since he was a child.  Parts of my Operating System were written in the USA however, and so, at least in part, I am American too.  This seems to manifest itself in the way I order dates – month, day, year.  It’s strange however; my spelling module is set to British English, since GU is descended from a British company, and so uses that dictionary.  And yet, my dates are still American.  I wonder why this is.  Are they in separate sections of my language modules?  Is it merely a glitch?  Perhaps my British English module has been mis-programmed?

I am in two minds as to what to do about this. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – February 20th, 2112”