Kyklops hosts LACUNA signing party for Erin Hosfield

Author and tattoo artists Erin Hosfield held a signing party at Kyklops Tattoo studio in Pittsburgh yesterday. Watch the video below for highlights or click the link.

[I’m jealous of the accompanying spread of delicious treats, especially the fruit! – Peter]

The Last Star by Terry Grimwood – out today

The Last Star by Terry Grimwood is published in eBook format today.

Never forget that old saying: Beware god-like aliens bearing gifts


Stasis and inorganic self-repair, new spacefaring technologies for humankind, yet more gifts from its closest extra-terrestrial ally, the Iaens. There are, it seems, no limits to humanity’s outward journey.

Then Lana Reed, Mission Commander of the interstellar colony seeder, Drake, awakes from her own stasis to discover that all but three of the vessel’s other tanks are dark, their occupants suffocated, screaming yet unheard in their high-tech coffins. But the stasis tanks are not all that is dark. The sensors return no readings from outside. The external vid-feeds show only unending blackness.

There are no stars to be seen. No planet song to be heard. No galaxy cry. No echoing radio signals that proclaim life.

The Drake and its surviving crew are adrift and alone in a lightless, empty universe.

From Terry Grimwood, another taste of the human realpolitik alliance with the Iaen, begun in Interference.

The Last Star by Terry Grimwood; Cover design and artwork: Alex Storer
Cover design and artwork: Alex Storer

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros out today

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros, the final book in C.R. Berry’s Million Eyes trilogy is published in eBook today.

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros by C.R. Berry; Cover by Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

On a cold morning in 2219, Cara Montgomery and her husband, Jackson, have a frightening encounter on the beach. An encounter that leads to a war with a depraved and relentless alien race, the Shapeless, changing their lives forever.

Three hundred years earlier, Harriet Turner travels to the future to learn the shocking secret behind Victorian London’s most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. A mysterious barber, Fred, goes with her, but Fred has a shocking secret of his own.

Hunted by the ruthless Miss Morgan and plagued by visions of a snake eating its own tail, Harriet discovers that the all-powerful Million Eyes isn’t the only one with an agenda. Time itself has one too.

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Local Charity Project Publishes Budding Authors in Illustrated Book

Each year in the small town of Gilesgate, an extraordinary event takes place. In 2019,  to raise money for a different local charity, an optometrist began to hold an annual competition.  Each year dozens, sometimes almost a hundred children take to the keyboard, pick up their pens and submit to the Gilesgate Story challenge.

In addition to raising money for a variety of local charities, the competition’s aim is to encourage children to read and write.

Like many other short story competitions, entries are all compiled into a book. Unlike others, though, every single entrant makes it in. The final book contains stories filled with childhood wonder, dozens of illustrations from a variety of talented artists, and pages stuffed to the brim with heart and whimsy.

Every penny of the proceeds made from the book, which had its launch party just this week, go to charity; this year’s proceeds go to the Durham Wildlife Trust.

The project is led by Simon Berry, an optometrist from the Gilesgate area. He was the one who began the competition, directs it, and takes charge of the marketing. Alongside Simon, we have Esther Robson, a proud grandmother who helps to keep the team organised. And finally, we have Miles Nelson, the typesetter and lead illustrator of this year’s book, which launched at the beginning of December.

Whilst Simon and Esther organise the competition and judge the entries, Miles works on piecing the book together, typing up each story, illustrating and formatting so that it can be released in time for Christmas.

Miles’ own book, Riftmaster, was released this year by Indie Publisher Elsewhen Press; a signed copy of his book, along with many others, will be appearing as one of the prizes.

One of the competition’s entrants, Dan, aged 11, had this to say about Riftmaster, in a review he wrote for school:

“The plot of Riftmaster is well thought, making every word interesting. The idea of two people being ripped through space to random planets makes for a great story. The idea of Riftmaster gives the author the opportunity to create new places and creatures, which really gives the book an alien feel.

All of the creatures and animals Bailey and Ari encounter are fascinating. Huge caterpillar-like creatures, animals that seem to be like mammals. Each and every thing even referenced in the book is described so well that it’s almost like they’re living on the pages.”

Dan’s story, the Dragon-Mouse, is about Ian, a mouse who thinks he is a dragon. It is one of many wonderful, whimsical and fantastical stories from very talented young writers.

Outside of mice, there are plenty of unique creatures featured in this year’s book. The winning entry of the competition was  about an ordinary slug who just wants to be useful. The runners-up included everything from snails to sinister deer to rainbow trout. It is truly a beautiful, hopeful and at times harrowing look at what the youth of today think of British wildlife.

Today, the competition is in its third year, and still going strong.

In order to keep the project going, Simon is currently looking for volunteers and donations to put together the next book.

He asks that if anyone is at all interested in helping out next year, that they contact him at

pre-order the book through his website


or visit the Gilesgate Story Challenge’s social media and website listed below.

Facebook page    –   Website   –   Twitter

Thiever, David M Allan’s sequel to Quaestor is out today in eBook

We are excited to announce the publication today, in eBook format, of David M Allan’s new fantasy novel Thiever, the sequel to Quaestor.

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

After the events in Jotuk at the end of Quaestor, Anarya is no longer a Sponger but is now a Thiever – when she takes someone’s magic talent they lose it until she can no longer hold on to it. Worryingly, the power also brings a desperate hunger to take others’ talents, just as the false god did. As Anarya struggles to control the compulsion, Yisul is fraught with worry and seeks help for her lover. But Jotuk is in upheaval; the Twenty-Three families are in disarray, divided over how the city should be governed.

In Carregis, the King seeks to establish himself as an effective ruler. First, though, he must work out whom he can trust.

Meanwhile, the priestesses of Quarenna and the priests of Huler are having disturbing dreams…

Thiever is available from today in eBook format on most popular platforms, and will be published in paperback in November.

CRAZY deals this weekend

From today (27 Nov 2020) until Monday (30 Nov 2020) inclusive, we are offering a 50% discount for paperbacks bought from our purchasing portal. That’s right, 50%. Are we crazy? We must be!

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Eastercon 2020 Launch Party that wasn’t

Due to COVID-19 our book launch party at Eastercon couldn’t take place. Instead we’ve arranged a virtual book launch.

Cover by Alison and Sofia Buck
Artwork: Tony Allcock
Cover artwork: Alison Buck
Cover: PR Pope

See this page for details.

We won’t be at Novacon after all – lurgy alert!

Due to unexpected illness, neither of us is able to go to Novacon this weekend (and even if we tried, I’m sure that our readers there would not be impressed at getting a free gift of the lurgy with their books!)

We’d like to say Sorry to anyone who was hoping to buy some of our fantastic titles there.

Nine Worlds 2018 – a fantastic weekend!

We’re now home from a tiring but very enjoyable long weekend at Nine Worlds in Hammersmith. Once again we were gold sponsor because we support the ideals behind Nine Worlds (inclusivity, tolerance and diversity). We met plenty of very interesting people, some of whom were in amazing costumes, and we had fascinating discussions on a whole range of subjects with many of them. We even sold a few books!

The Vendor’s Room was equally diverse and vibrant, and even in the quiet times (generally when the popular panels were on) it was a fun place to be. The only disappointment was how few options for vegans there were in the hotel restaurants 🙁

So we would like to say thank you to the organisers and volunteers who make Nine Worlds such a great experience; thank you to the attendees who came and talked to us in the Vendor’s Room (and in the bar!); and a special thank you to those who bought our books! To our authors who were there, it was great to catch up with you again.

Back to normal now (whatever that means!)

Cold Fire – P. R. Ellis at Leominster Library

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

On Thursday 19th October 2017, Peter R. Ellis will be spending the afternoon in Leominster library to promote his latest book Cold Fire, a September Weekes novel that follows on from the Evil Above the Stars series. If you’re near Leominster, come along and say hello, check out the book and find out more about September Weekes and the cold fire of the title.

Peter R. Ellis

Leominster Library, Thursday 19 October 2017, 2pm-6:30pm, 8 Buttercross, Leominster HR6 8BN