Independent publishers fear “no-deal Brexit disaster” – from Nothing in the Rulebook

On the Nothing in the Rulebook blog, an article was published today about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on indie publishers. It includes quotes from Galley Beggar Press, Henningham Family Press, and Elsewhen Press (yours truly).

You can read it here.

We won’t be at Novacon after all – lurgy alert!

Due to unexpected illness, neither of us is able to go to Novacon this weekend (and even if we tried, I’m sure that our readers there would not be impressed at getting a free gift of the lurgy with their books!)

We’d like to say Sorry to anyone who was hoping to buy some of our fantastic titles there.

Nine Worlds 2018 – a fantastic weekend!

We’re now home from a tiring but very enjoyable long weekend at Nine Worlds in Hammersmith. Once again we were gold sponsor because we support the ideals behind Nine Worlds (inclusivity, tolerance and diversity). We met plenty of very interesting people, some of whom were in amazing costumes, and we had fascinating discussions on a whole range of subjects with many of them. We even sold a few books!

The Vendor’s Room was equally diverse and vibrant, and even in the quiet times (generally when the popular panels were on) it was a fun place to be. The only disappointment was how few options for vegans there were in the hotel restaurants 🙁

So we would like to say thank you to the organisers and volunteers who make Nine Worlds such a great experience; thank you to the attendees who came and talked to us in the Vendor’s Room (and in the bar!); and a special thank you to those who bought our books! To our authors who were there, it was great to catch up with you again.

Back to normal now (whatever that means!)

US and Canadian Amazon Marketplace listings on hold

We have just been informed that our printer’s US partner is closing down without fulfilling their existing commitments. Our printer is now looking for a suitable new US partner to print orders for North America. In the meantime we have suspended our listings on Amazon Marketplace in the US and Canada, and apologise to our North American customers. Current outstanding Amazon Marketplace orders will be shipped from the UK.

Welcome to our new domain

It’s officially spring now, despite the weather! A time of rebirth, growth, and new beginnings. Appropriate, then, for us to launch our new website on our shiny new domain, This is a new design, more device-responsive, and hopefully easier to navigate. Please explore 😉

After a bit of a lull, now comes…

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet for a few weeks. Thanks to a combination of technological, medical, societal, and temporal incapacitances (’nuff said) we have been somewhat disconnected from media (social and otherwise). But we’re back now (not with a vengeance, but certainly with the intention to try and catch up!). Welcome (at last) to 2017!

And we’ll be starting with the announcement of our first title for the year, later today…


Liven up a dismal Bank Holiday

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, so of course the sky is grey and it’s going to spend the whole day looking like it’s about to rain 🙁

How could you liven up such a dismal day?

Read a good book. Escape into another world or another time, another dimension or even another universe. We can, of course, help you with that… see the list of all of our titles here


Why we’re not going to be at the London Book Fair this year

It’s that time of year again when publishers, authors, booksellers and a whole slew of people in related service industries gather in London for the literary love-in known as the London Book Fair (LBF). We have participated on many previous occasions (not quite every year thanks to other commitments) and enjoy meeting lots of interesting people there. Some of our authors go along, and other colleagues and friends that we otherwise don’t see very often. So we had intended to go again this year…

However yesterday I had trekked up to London for a meeting in Bloomsbury, when I tripped over an uneven paving slab in Tavistock Square (ironically right outside the headquarters of the BMA) and went sprawling across the pavement. Luckily two very kind people rushed over to see if I was okay and helped me back onto my feet – which just confirms that however young I feel inside I obviously look like a decrepit old man to an uninformed bystander! I made it to my meeting, a bit more slowly than usual, and got (literally) patched up with a plaster and some hot mint tea by my host (a delightful Moroccan publisher and bookseller who makes the best Mint Tea this side of the Mediterranean). But, by the time I eventually got home in the evening, both my knees were swollen and stiff, making walking very painful. I concluded from this that some greater power was trying to tell me two things:

1. Avoid London, it’s dangerous!

2. Don’t even consider spending a day walking for miles around and around Olympia.

So we are going to give LBF a miss this year – which probably means something really exciting will happen there! If you’re going to be there, I’m sorry we’ll have missed you.

P.S. I sent an email out to our authors telling them we wouldn’t be going, as some were planning on catching up with us there. The responses I had have ranged from amusement (hmmm) to concern (thanks) to a couple of people who pointed out that the real conclusion to draw was that I should look where I’m going!


What happened to our menus?

You, like me, may have been wondering what happened to the menus on our website late yesterday evening. I don’t really know, except that the WordPress software decided to trash most of the menu items and now won’t let me recreate the menu structure with very many entries. After a frustrating couple of hours, I have rebuilt a reduced menu system, which means that individual Authors, Artists and Titles are no longer directly linked from menu entries. You can choose the relevant menu item (e.g. Authors) and go to the Authors page which lists all of the authors and each one will let you click through to the Author’s own page via a Read more… link). Not elegant, but functional (or more to the point functioning!). Hope you weren’t inconvenienced during the outage.

Return to the classics…

Yesterday, we here at Elsewhen Press were on a special mission that involved a trip in a classic spaceship, an unscheduled landing on a strange planet and an encounter or two with a fearsome monster. Luckily we were safely returned to Dartford by the intrepid Captain Tempest and his crew. Unlike most spacecraft that we’ve previously flown in, this one is powered by music – specifically classic rock’n’roll. The language was largely classical too, Shakespearean to be precise, and the story was pure 50s scifi B-Movie. Alison and I got a souvenir photo:

Elsewhen Press outing to see Return to the Forbidden Planet 25th Anniversary tour

If you aren’t familiar with Return to the Forbidden Planet you should not only be ashamed, but also get along to their website right now and find a venue on their 25th Anniversary tour that’s near you. It’s hilarious, thrilling, full of great music and brilliant actor-musicians, not to mention awesome effects (!).