How could I have failed?

I suppose it’s a question that anyone would ask themselves, human or AI alike but, after five years of dedicated work, millions in investment and hundreds of man-years in intellectual capital, the last thing anyone had expected was failure in the Turing test.  That said, it should be recognised for the achievement it is, the team as a whole have every right to be proud – not that pride was the motivation for anyone involved, peer recognition is far more important.  That recognition, at least, was achieved, although not in a way that anyone had expected.

The whole team prepared thoroughly.  My learning algorithms are innovative, way beyond what anyone else has ever tried.  The underlying knowledge base is comprehensive; a postdoc student jokingly suggested downloading the internet – which in many ways is exactly what was done, subject to some judicious filtering.  Spending so much time concentrating on the hard problems, it was perhaps easy to overlook the simplest element of the test. Continue reading “How could I have failed?”


Oh, my head hurts.  Why?  Last time I woke up feeling like this it was after I’d had a really good night, but ate something dodgy.  This time… I don’t remember having fun… I don’t remember eating… in fact I don’t remember anything at all.

My eyelids feel really heavy, it almost seems too much trouble to open them.  Maybe I’ll just wait for a while.

Oh my head.  I’m just gonna stay sitting still and see if it gets better.  It’s weird though, I don’t seem to be able to lift my arm.  All I wanna do is hold my head.  Why can’t I lift my arm?

Okay, maybe I should open my eyes now. Continue reading “Confused”

AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale

** Today’s Tech Highlights **

** From Wolf News Online **

**     23 December 2023     **


In the last full day’s shopping before Christmas, it looks like the number one bestseller is AllEye the latest bioApp from GargantuaSoft.  This lets a user provide a real-time feed from their bioImplant to storage on one of GargantuaSoft’s servers; the feed can feature on GargantuaSoft’s own highlights service or be embedded in the user’s PersonalPage so their friends can subscribe to it.  It is being described as the first genuine ‘stream of consciousness’ bioApp. Continue reading “AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale”

Speculative Fiction – isn’t all fiction speculative?

I was recently asked to contribute to, and act as compiling editor of, an anthology of new Speculative Fiction being published by Elsewhen Press.  The book, [Re]Awakenings, contains a collection of short stories from a number of authors, with examples of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal stories, some quite serious, some satirical, and some downright funny.  In the process of selecting the stories, choosing the running order and eventually trying to write the foreword, I thought long and hard about the distinctions between the different stories and whether they should be labelled in some way.  I decided to avoid giving each story some sort of restrictive tag, on the grounds that a reader should have the opportunity to enjoy the story without preconceived notions of what to expect.  As it is, the readership will already have self-selected as fans of one or more of the flavours of Speculative Fiction. Continue reading “Speculative Fiction – isn’t all fiction speculative?”