King Street Run by V.R. Ling is out today

King Street Run by V.R. Ling is available from today as an eBook from all good retailers.

King Street Run by V.R. Ling; Cover by Alison Buck
Cover: Alison Buck

King Street Run is a satirical fantasy thriller set among the iconic buildings of contemporary Cambridge.

To Thomas, archaeology was time travel…
little did he know how literal that would turn out to be.

Thomas Wharton, an archaeology graduate, becomes drawn into the problems of a series of anachronistic characters who exist in the fractions of a second behind our own time. These characters turn out to be personifications of the Cambridge Colleges; they have the amalgamated foibles, history, and temperament of their Fellows and students and, together with Thomas, must enter into a race against time to prevent their world being destroyed by an unknown assailant.

Available from today as an eBook on the usual platforms; paperback edition available from May 20 2024.

Satire with extra bite – review by Lisa Timpf of Ira Nayman’s Bad Actors on The Miramichi Reader

Cover artwork by Hugh Spencer
Cover artwork by Hugh Spencer

On the Miramichi Reader website, Lisa Timpf has just reviewed Bad Actors, the second book in Ira Nayman’s trilogy about the Multiverse Refugees.

She introduces the book as “In Bad Actors: Second Pi in the Face, veteran Canadian author Ira Nayman serves up offbeat hilarity with a side order of satire.” She adds that “One of the distinguishing features of Nayman’s writing is an irrepressible wit.” After briefly outlining the plot of the first book of the trilogy, Good Intentions, and introducing the plot of Bad Actors, Lisa writes “As anyone familiar with Nayman’s work might expect, Bad Actors is steeped in humour in a variety of forms, including ridiculous situations, slapstick, tangential digressions, and word play. It’s helpful to take one’s time reading Nayman’s writing so as not to miss any of his funny references, which range from in-your-face obvious to subtle-enough-to-miss-if-you’re-not-careful.”

She goes on to talk about the serious side of the story (indeed the whole trilogy), using humour to address the issue of racism and discrimination, and says that “Nayman’s passion for this issue comes through clearly in Bad Actors, adding extra bite to the satire.”

You can read the whole of Lisa’a review on the Miramichi Reader here. Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed the book.

“This book moved me to tears” – Allen Stroud writes about The Janus Cycle by Tej Turner on

The Janus Cycle cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

Allen Stroud, author, academic and current chair of the BSFA, compiled a list of ‘The best contemporary fantasy and science fiction books with new takes and fresh characters’ for the website. First on his list is The Janus Cycle by Tej Turner. Allen writes: “This book moved me. … the finale with an assemble moment of courage between many of the characters is such an empowering and cathartic moment… I was listening in the car and found myself in tears”

It is, of course, great news for an author that they have had such a profound effect on their readers. We’re a little concerned, though, if it moved Allen to tears while he was driving! When Tej saw Allen’s list, and his comments on The Janus Cycle, he said that to hear his book moved people is “very validating”. He went on to say: “I am very proud of [The Janus Cycle]. It put me on the map as an author and was a landmark for me on a personal level.”

You can find more about The Janus Cycle here; more about Tej here; more about Allen here; and read Allen’s booklist on here.

“the reality that Grimwood has built and constructed on the page is beautiful and brilliant” – Review of Interference on The Fantasy Hive

Cover design and artwork: Alex Storer
Cover design and artwork: Alex Storer

Over on The Fantasy Hive website, Lucy Nield has written a detailed and very thoughtful review of Interference by Terry Grimwood. Trying to present extracts from Lucy’s review wouldn’t do it justice, so I recommend you read it in its entirety on The Fantasy Hive here.

“Definitely one to look out for!” – Review of The Eye Collectors on The British Fantasy Society website

Cover design: Alison Buck
Cover design: Alison Buck

On the website of the British Fantasy Society, a review has recently been posted of The Eye Collectors by Simon Kewin. The reviewer, Matthew Johns, says, “I really enjoyed the story and the fact that it’s not all black and white – it felt a bit more realistic than some stories that have very clearly defined good and bad characters.”

He goes on to say “I’ll be keeping an eye out for future books in the Office of the Witchfinder General series – if you enjoyed Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series or the Dresden Files, then you’ll enjoy this one. Definitely one to look out for!” Well, you’re in luck Matthew because the second book in the series, The Seven Succubi, is out in eBook on the 25th February and in paperback on the 28th March.

You can read Matthew’s full review of The Eye Collectors on the BFS website here.


David Shannon and HOWUL coverage in Mail Online and Daily Telegraph

Cover design: Alison Buck

Both the Mail Online Femail section (here) and the Daily Telegraph, today have complimentary news items about David Shannon and his debut novel HOWUL. They quote his wife, the award-winning author Bernardine Evaristo OBE, as saying that she thought he was watching football in his study when he was in fact writing his novel.


Realising a life’s journey – Interview with David Shannon in The European

In The European, an article about author David Shannon and his debut novel HOWUL predicts that he may be about to emerge as a major literary talent!

Cover design: Alison Buck

You can read the article and an interview with David on The European’s website here.