Officers and Crew

We’re small, tight-knit and very informal on board, so although we have an official hierarchy most of the time anyone who is available will be doing whatever it is that needs to be done. That having been said, each of us does specialise in certain areas where we are most skilled/experienced. So for completeness we’ve assigned the titles (ranks) shown below.

Al, Publisher/Editor/Designer (Captain )

Coming from an Arts background, Al has been a publisher since 2006. She is responsible for the overall design of our books, from cover to page layout, ensuring a consistent style and quality across all our titles. She is also the member of the team with the most obsessive attention to sales figures and sales ranking on various retailers’ websites. Al is usually the public face of Elsewhen Press (if you saw Pete, you’d immediately understand why); so, if you meet us anywhere (book fairs etc.) it’s likely to be Al that you would meet. For some reason within the team the most widely suggested nickname for Al was ‘Ivanova’ — I have no idea why!

Pete, Publisher/Editor/TechnoMage (Chief Engineer )

Originally an Engineer, Pete has also been a publisher since 2006. He is responsible for the technical side of production of our titles, striving to ensure that the quality does justice to Al’s designs. When he’s not editing, Pete is often to be found tweaking systems to make life easier, more efficient, or just that little bit more enjoyable. Pete’s dream was always to become a TechnoMage. His nickname is ‘Spock’ (not entirely to suggest that he is devoid of emotion). When not immersed in Elsewhen Press activities, Pete is a Visiting Professor at the University of Life.

Sofia, Editor (First Officer )

An English and Writing graduate, Sofia is a walking encyclopaedia of sf&f information (some that’s useful, some that’s useless, and much that’s trivial!). A long-time fan of Speculative Fiction she has a good eye for spotting potential and is keen to help new authors develop. Apart from her rôle in our crew, Sofia is also a freelance proofreader/copy-editor.

Payload Specialists

We also have Payload Specialists on board with us from time to time. You might know them as Authors and Artists.

Dan, Editor (Tactical tactical)

Like Sofia, Dan is an English and Writing graduate, and when not working in local government does some freelance copy-editing/proofreading.

Deirdre, Editor (Tactical tactical)

Deirdre was a teacher for some years before stopping to start a family. She now does some freelance copy-editing/proofreading for us in between grandmothering duties!

Deck Hands

We have Deck Hands too (no, not exploited interns). Although we have androids to do the mundane drudgery onboard, we were asked by a correspondent in the Twittersphere if he could be an Honorary Deck Hand. After some consideration we agreed. So for anyone who has bothered to read this far, follow us on Twitter (there’s a button below to make it even easier), then ask and you can be an Honorary Deck Hand too. There are no actual benefits at the moment though 😉