As a small independent publisher Elsewhen Press has high ambitions even though we may not do not have the sort of budget that the large publishers enjoy, which means that we are careful about how we use our limited resources. So we aim for quality rather than quantity. We believe that readers deserve the opportunity to read good stories whether they have been penned by a new unknown author or a bestselling author with many titles under their belt. There is a plethora of publishers, big and small, who are desperate happy to publish work from an established author with an existing fan-base; there is a paucity of publishers who are keen to take the risk of debut work. Never ones to follow the herd, therefore, we will be concentrating on new authors, although that doesn’t mean we will turn away authors who have already been published! We apply no constraints of age, race, gender or sexual orientation, on the authors whose work we consider or publish – our only criterion is quality.

We believe that being a publisher entails first and foremost providing a service to both author and reader. We are a business but that shouldn’t mean that the bottom-line undermines that service.

For our readers

Reading is an amazing experience that can transport you to different worlds, different times, allowing you to inhabit different minds and bodies. That is especially true for Speculative Fiction, which also seems to attract the most intelligent and thoughtful readers. So we aim to offer our potential readers a choice of intelligently written titles, well presented, at a reasonable price.

Part of the service that a publisher undertakes to provide to readers, is discovering well-written stories and making them available in a form that is appropriate and desirable. Some readers prefer the feel of a newly printed book, the smell of the pages as you riffle them for the first time, the excitement of opening a pristine book, the weight in your hand (if you fall into this category, like us, we don’t need to say any more and you’re probably already drooling!) On the other hand, some readers feel empowered by eBooks, being able to carry their entire library around with them (especially if they have limited shelf-space), or being able to increase the font size as their eyes get tired (or older). We understand that all readers are different and have a variety of needs, so we will publish books in print and electronic editions.

Our commitment to our readers is:

  • to offer a choice of intelligently written titles, well presented;
  • never to compromise on quality for the sake of quantity;
  • to publish books in print and electronic editions;
  • to offer our books for sale at a price that is fair to both reader and author.

For our authors

Authors have a responsibility to their readers to deliver an amazing reading experience. At the same time, publishers have a responsibility to their authors to ensure they are able to deliver that experience to their readers. It is our aim to enable authors to achieve this with the help of our editors, designers and other personnel, who can turn the author’s manuscript into a well-presented, professionally produced book. As publishers, we work with an author (and their agent – if they have one) to develop what we believe will be the most effective way to deliver their story to the readers, offering a fair return to the author.

If you’re an author considering submitting a manuscript to us, have a look at this page to find out about our commitment to our authors.