“a dream-come-true book” – review of Arteess: Conflict on Risingshadow

Arteess: Conflict cover image

Over on the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has read and reviewed James Starling’s debut novel Arteess: Conflict, the first book in the Arteess series. At the start of the review, Seregil admits “I don’t normally get excited about books that tell about what happens in a virtual gaming world, but this book is one of the few exceptions that manage to convey the hectic action and the addictive atmosphere of the gaming world to readers, because the author writes enthusiastically about the quests and action scenes” and concludes that “the author must know quite a lot about games, because he manages to write convincingly and fluently about the different choices and action scenes”. Continue reading ““a dream-come-true book” – review of Arteess: Conflict on Risingshadow”