Realising a life’s journey – Interview with David Shannon in The European

In The European, an article about author David Shannon and his debut novel HOWUL predicts that he may be about to emerge as a major literary talent!

Cover design: Alison Buck

You can read the article and an interview with David on The European’s website here.


Parallel Worlds – Interview with Peter

Have you noticed Parallel Worlds in our blogroll under Magazines? If so, you hopefully clicked on it, and would have been rewarded with the great website for Parallel Worlds magazine “The best of escapism, science fiction and fantasy media today”. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. Parallel Worlds is a very high quality magazine that is available in print (very glossy!) or as a pdf and as a podcast.

Issue 5, which came out in January, was packed with interesting articles, reviews, and original fiction. One of those articles was an interview by Allen Stroud of our very own Peter, talking about Elsewhen Press, our books and authors, covers, the publishing process, and conventions – illustrated with some of our covers too. Apparently we’re a mainstay of the science fiction, fantasy and horror independent publishing community. Yay us!

You can buy the printed copy of Parallel Worlds through some specialist bookshops (including Forbidden Planet and Orc’s Nest). Or you can become a Patreon patron and get each copy as soon as it is published. Not long after each issue comes out, a podcast version becomes available on the Parallel Worlds website so you can hear the articles being read to you (although you obviously miss out on the pictures!). When the next issue comes out the previous issue becomes available as a freely downloadable pdf from their website.

So you have no excuse for not reading Peter’s interview!


Oddball, enjoyable and original – an interview with Mike French at the Alternative Magazine Online

Mike FrenchCover Art: Tony Allcock; Logo Design: Craig NashMike French was recently interviewed for the Alternative Magazine Online by Marty Mulrooney. Although it was predominantly to talk about Mike’s new book, Fictional Alignment the sequel to An Android Awakes, they covered a few other topics too (like house extensions, birthdays, and Blade Runner 2049). All in all an entertaining and informative interview, with a sneaky teaser at the end.

Oh, and “Oddball, enjoyable and original” was Marty’s description of Fictional Alignment not Mike. But there again…

Read the interview at the Alternative Magazine Online website here.


Tej Turner interviewed on RisingShadow

Tej TurnerOn the RisingShadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has posted an interview with Tej Turner author of The Janus Cycle and Dinnusos Rises.

Tej talks about some of his experiences and influences when he was growing up, that have left their mark on him and his fiction; he illuminates some of the motivation behind his latest book Dinnusos Rises; he talks about his deliberate structuring of both books to enable him to encompass diversity more effectively; and he tells us a little bit about what else he is planning to do.

The Janus Cycle cover imageArtwork: Alison BuckIf you enjoyed The Janus Cycle, then this interview should make you even more keen to read Dinnusos Rises, which is already available for pre-order on most eBook platforms (see here for details). If you haven’t read any of Tej’s work yet, but are a fan of classic urban fantasy or magical realism then this interview should convince you to give Tej’s books a place on your bookshelf (real or digital).

Either way, you should read the interview (click here to read it on RisingShadow) for an enriching experience!


Ira Nayman to feature on The Speculative Fiction Cantina Friday 16 September 6pm ET

Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell Photograph of Dingle Dell: Jose Manuel Revuelta Luna/
Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell
Photograph of Dingle Dell: Jose Manuel Revuelta Luna/
Ira Nayman

On Friday 16th September (2016) our favourite Canadian satirist Ira Nayman, author of the Transdimensional Authority series, will be a guest on the Speculative Fiction Cantina on Blog Talk Radio. No doubt he’ll mention the latest book in the series It’s Just the Chronosphere Unfolding as it Should.

You can hear Ira this Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, which is 3:00 PM Pacific Time, and 11:00 PM here in the UK. Just click here for more details.


The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, steampunk, cyberpunk, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You’ll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative. Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill. Today’s Guests are Raymond Burke and Ira Nayman


Tej Turner interviewed on AuthorsInterviews

Tej TurnerTej Turner was recently interviewed by Fiona McVie for her AuthorsInterviews blog. She asks Tej about his influences, earliest reading, why he’s a writer and persuades him to reveal a little of his next novel (a sequel to The Janus Cycle). It’s an interesting interview, well worth reading.

You can read the interview on Fiona’s blog here.


Mike French interviewed on Alternative Magazine Online

Mike FrenchFollowing his recent review (which you can read here) of An Android Awakes by Mike French and Karl Brown, Marty Mulrooney invited Mike in for an entertaining interview on his Alternative Magazine Online blog. Apart from talking about the inspiration behind An Android Awakes, they discuss the creative process, how Mike and Karl worked together to produce An Android Awakes, how Android PD121928’s experience of publishers reflects Mike’s (!), why science fiction is popular, and Mike’s next project.

You can read the interview on Alternative Magazine Online here.


Mike French interviewed for Exeposé


In an interesting interview on Exeposé, the University of Exeter’s student newspaper website, online editor Harry Shepherd talked to Mike French when An Android Awakes was released. They chatted about readers’ attention spans, the problems for writers trying to get published and the way too many people in the publishing world are caught up with defining the art rather than getting on with producing it. Of course, the publication of An Android Awakes and the underlying story, result in the inevitable comparisons between today’s publishers and the Android Publishing Program that Android Writer PD121928 has to satisfy if he’s not to be deactivated. It’s an interview not to be missed by any aspiring writer!

You can read Harry’s interview of Mike on Exeposé here.


Tanya Reimer peeks into the life of Katrina Mountfort

Katrina MountfortTanya ReimerOnce again, Tanya Reimer is peeking into the life of a fellow Elsewhen Press author on her blog Life’s Like That – this time her interviewee is Katrina Mountfort author of the Blueprint trilogy which started with Future Perfect last year and continues with the second book, Forbidden Alliance, currently available for pre-order prior to publication on Friday of this week. Tanya, author of Ghosts on the Prairies, a Sacred Land Story and the upcoming Can’t Dream Without You, talks to Katrina about her motivation for writing the Blueprint trilogy; the real audience for YA fiction: ages 13 to 88 and Katrina’s husband (who I’m pretty sure is well within that age range anyway); how Katrina’s best ideas come to her while walking her dogs; and what she has left to do on her bucket list.

Read Tanya’s peek on her blog here.


What, when, where – interviews of Tanya Reimer and Katrina Mountfort

J.A. ChristyOn her blog J.A.Christy, author of SmartYellow™, has recently interviewed fellow Elsewhen authors Tanya Reimer (author of Ghosts on the Prairies) and Katrina Mountfort (author of the Blueprint trilogy). In her What, When Where? feature she asks authors about how they write, where and when they write, and what makes them do it. In the process she gets some fascinating answers, for example:

  • Tanya Reimerwhen asked if she writes in coffee shops, Tanya answers that there are none where she lives and although she’d like the idea she doesn’t think anyone would want to see here “on caffeine”;


  • Katrina Mountfortwhen talking about her schooldays, Katrina fell in love with science thanks to an exploding nun – although I may have misquoted that slightly 😉


    This feature is an entertaining way to get an impression of these interesting authors.

    You can read Tanya’s interview here and Katrina’s here.