Tanya Reimer peeks into the life of Dave Weaver

Dave WeaverTanya ReimerOn her blog Life’s like that, Tanya Reimer, author of Ghosts on the Prairies, A Sacred Land Story, started the year with a peek into the life of fellow Elsewhen Press author Dave Weaver. She asks him about the various books he’s written including Jacey’s Kingdom, Japanese Daisy Chain and The Black Hole Bar, how and where he writes, and his inspiration. This is one more example of how supportive our authors are of each other and how they get on well together, even when separated by thousands of miles! So, for a fascinating peek inside the head of one of our authors, navigated by another, click here.


Elsewhen Author at St. Albans Literary Festival

LitFest logoElsewhen Press author Dave Weaver is due to make a number of appearances at the St. Albans Literary Festival this week (6th – 9th November). Dave will be at an event featuring nine local authors introducing their published works at Dagnall Street Baptist Church on Saturday 8th November from 1.00 pm onwards and again at Waterstones St. Peters Street from 2.00 pm on Sunday 9th November where he will be signing copies of his three Elsewhen Press novels,Jacey’s Kingdom‘, ‘Japanese Daisy Chain and The Black Hole Bar, once again alongside other selected local authors.

The festival is new to the town but already attracting top authors in the various fields of Crime (MR Hall, MJ Arlidge, James Runcie and Leigh Russell), Fantasy (Ben Aaronovitch, Mike Carey) and Romance (Rowan Coleman, Rachael Lucas and Liz Fraser). Even Terry Wogan is making an appearance to launch his new book!

Dave will also be hosting a local writing groups open mic night (‘Groups’ Therapy’) in his role as Chairman of Verulam Writers’ Circle, which will take place at Waterstones from 7.30pm on Thursday 6th November. He looks forward to the chance to meet any fans of Elsewhen Press and particularly his own work at the Festival.

Dave Weaver interviewed on Kristina Blasen’s Book Blog

Dave WeaverDave Weaver, author of Jacey’s Kingdom and Japanese Daisy Chain and the forthcoming… [oh, sorry, I’m not allowed to mention that yet!], was interviewed on Kristina Blase’s Book Blog. He talks about writing at school and kicking himself up the backside [he’s obviously more flexible than me]. Read his interview here.

Writing Group Author’s Nights for Jacey’s Kingdom

‘Jacey’s Kingdom’ author Dave Weaver recently gave an ‘author’s night’ talk at Harrow Writers’ Circle where he discussed his recently published novel with a friendly and enthusiastic crowd of fellow scribes. After outlining the plot and reading a couple of example passages Dave answered questions on how he came up with his bizarre tale of dreamscape time-traveling and discussed the novel’s theme of how our perception of reality can be changed by extreme personal events. He also described how lucky he was to have been published in the first place, something the Circle no doubt agreed with, and how all writers should keep plugging away and not lose faith in their creative ability.

Dave finished with a reading of his short essay ‘I’m Here But I’m Really There’ comparing famous works of fantasy from different ages which he feels belong to a common, if so far unnamed, genre (amongst others he cited ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Life On Mars’ and er… ‘Jacey’s Kingdom’). This seemed to go down well with the Circle who gave it a nice round of applause. Dave signed copies of ‘Jacey’ at the end of the meeting.

Dave is looking forward to attending a similar event with Hertford Writers’ Circle on Wednesday 13th November, 8.00pm, at the White Horse, Castle Street, Hertford.

‘Jacey’s Kingdom’ Author Dave Weaver signing at Waterstones St. Albans – Saturday 29th June, 10am till 2pm

Dave Weaver will be signing copies of his young adult fantasy novel at Waterstones bookshop, 8 St. Peter’s Street, St. Albans, Herts from 10am till around 2pm.

The store is holding a children’s fun day which includes Roman lifestyle events, Scalextric model car racing, a conjuror and many other fascinating things.

Dave looks forward to seeing you there!



Book launches at Eastercon

Launch at Eastercon March 31 2013. Ira Nayman and Dave Weaver with Elsewhen Press factotum Pete
Launch at Eastercon March 31 2013.
Ira Nayman and Dave Weaver with Elsewhen Press factotum Pete

While all sensible people were tucking in to chocolate eggs last weekend, we were in Bradford at Eastercon. On the Sunday afternoon Ira Nayman and Dave Weaver launched the print editions of their books, starting with a reading each and followed by signings. All those present seemed to enjoy the event, perhaps helped by the odd glass of wine (?)

“works amazingly well as an adventure book” – review of Jacey’s Kingdom on Risingshadow

Cover image photo of ‘Jacey’ by tommaso lizzul/ shutterstock.com

On the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has written a very complimentary review of Jacey’s Kingdom by Dave Weaver. Commenting how well Dave “combines fantasy and realism”, he says the “story feels refreshing” because of the original and unusual subject matter. He goes on to say “Dave Weaver’s fluent prose makes this book accessible and easy to read” and it “works amazingly well as an adventure book, because the author keeps the story moving all the time”. He comments on the fascinating historical settings that Dave has conjured up for the reader in which to set Jacey and George’s adventures, but also how the “author explores the meaning of friendship in an intriguing way”.  It is, he says, “a nicely told story about friendship, courage, hope and overcoming obstacles” and he concludes that it’s “a riveting fantasy book” that is  accessible to young adults too.

Read Seregil’s full review here.

Jacey’s Kingdom author Dave Weaver interviewed on Radio Verulam’s Drivetime with Danny Smith

On Thursday evening Dave had a chat with Radio Verulam’s Danny Smith on his Drivetime show about the upcoming paperback publication (end of March but available on Kindle and Kobo now) of his new fantasy novel ‘Jacey’s Kingdom’.
They also discussed Dave’s three self-published collections of short stories, his thoughts on self-publication versus established publishing companies (Dave thought there were benefits to both approaches) and how to start writing your own pieces.
On the subject of writers just starting out, short stories before the first novel was the view. Try lot’s of practice by, for instance, joining a local writers’ group (Verulam Writers’ Circle would be an excellent example), receiving group critique and entering group and national short story competitions for the experience.
The link to Radio Verulam’s blog is here and the actual broadcast, available for another week, is here (WEST HERTS DRIVETIME Thursday 28th 5pm slot, actual interview starts at 5.32pm).

Dave Weaver Interviewed in Jonathan Pinnock’s Write Stuff

Dave was interviewed by fellow Verulam Writers’s Circle member and author of the popular ‘Mrs Darcy Versus The Aliens’ and the best-selling ‘Dot Dash’, Jonathan Pinnock on his blog ‘The Write Stuff’. They talked about how Dave came up with the concept for his first novel ‘Jacey’s Kingdom’ and what it felt like to be published by Elsewhen Press, his three self-published short story collections and finally what his writing plans were for the immediate future. You can read Jonathan’s interview here

I’m Here, But I’m Really There

What have ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ the 1889 novel by American humorist and writer Mark Twain, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, a memorable film but originally a turn of the century novel by another American Frank L Baum, and the recent BBC One drama series ‘Life On Mars’ got in common? Well apart from being great stories they are all in my opinion prime examples of a genre of fantasy writing I’d personally term ‘mental displacement’. In other words they’re not taking place in real time, or real place, but in some specific fantasy world created sub-consciously in the protagonist’s mind. Continue reading “I’m Here, But I’m Really There”