Letters from America (Part 2)

I will not bore you with a transcript of what had to be the strangest council of war in the history of the British Empire.  Did Drake know that the world had turned upside down when he prepared to face the Spanish?  Did Wolfe know that he had an encounter with destiny when he scaled the heights of Quebec?  The great men of England were shaken by what they saw and heard.  Magic, real magic…had our King made a deal with the devil, or was there godliness in their bearing?

Colonel Cavendish, the stranger from London, explained that his older brother had worked with the magicians, developing their powers.  It has been his idea to use them in war, we were told; the magicians could give us an advantage that the rebels, or the damned French, would never be able to beat.  He spun us a pretty picture of magicians convoying messages through the air faster than any mounted rider, or watching from afar as the rebels prepared their stand against us.  I dare say that the Brothers Howe were convinced and in their conviction they dragged the rest of the council in their wake. Continue reading “Letters from America (Part 2)”

Letters from America

New York, 1776

Dear William

It has been not too long since I last wrote you, but so much has happened in the last six weeks that I feel that I must put ink to paper to tell you of our war.  My last letter told you how we tried to unseat the American Rebels at Bunker Hill…and of how we lost, the blood of so many fine soldiers staining American soil as they died.  By now, you may have heard that General Howe chose to evacuate Boston before the Rebels attacked us, even though we would have made a good account of ourselves if the Colonials attacked our fortifications.  It is to our great shame that so many loyalists were left behind…

Ah, but it is said that Howe is soft on the Americans.  How can we blame him when we must come to some peace that does not bring the Empire down in flames?  How can we hold them down and keep holding them down – must we make of America a second Ireland?  Howe wishes to teach the Rebels that they cannot win and then be merciful – who am I to question his decision?  I am, but his lowly aide. Continue reading “Letters from America”