Diary of a Neobody – July 2nd, 2112

Hello diary.

I won.

There’s no other way to put it.

Of course, it was nearly a week and a half ago now, so you’d think that I’d have been able to express in words exactly how it felt. And yet, here I sit, still trying to describe it accurately.

The council took their two days to deliberate and decide, and then I was summoned back to the court. The announcement was short – not even ten minutes long. The press conference afterwards was much longer, and I expect that was exactly how the council liked it. November’s hardly a backwoods town, but you can never have enough positive worldwide coverage. Especially not on ‘landmark rights cases’.

I was, it seemed, only there as a formality – the council members did most of the talking, while I stood in a shocked silence. I suppose I had half-expected to win, since there was little arrayed against me. The younger councilman, the one who seemed less keen on the idea was, apparently, out-voted by the others. Or, I suppose, they just persuaded him that positive coverage like this was worth far more than some rich ProNat backers.

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Diary of a Neobody – June 19th, 2112

Hello diary.

This last week has been strange.

I met some of my creators. And not just the people who devised the emotion chip – a couple of the engineers who designed my ‘brain’ made appearances as well.

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Diary of a Neobody – June 11th, 2112

Hello diary.

I meant to do my entries last week as usual, but was dragged into a sudden whirlwind of activity around my case: I expected the hearing would be months down the line, but apparently, when your suit might catch the public opinion, people are more than happy to fast-track it for you.

I suppose the City Council felt that, with the violence a few weeks ago against androids, my case might do their PR some good.

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Diary of a Neobody – May 28th, 2112

Hello diary.

As I was told and expected, the proceedings for the prosecution of the drunk driver from the other week were as quick as they were simple.

The city’s prosecutors had a number of witnesses, as well as my black box recordings.

It was pretty much the definition of an open and shut case.

I don’t know how the entirety of the proceedings went, but it was less than an hour after my ‘testimony’ before the man was marched from the room by his two police escorts.

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Diary of a Neobody – May 21st, 2112

When I’m right, I’m right.

As it turns out, my fears and worries about what might happen to me during a driving ‘incident’ were quite well justified.

Last Monday, as I drove home from work, a car on the other side of the road swerved across towards me. I was alone in the car thankfully; I shudder to think what might have happened otherwise. My standard laws kicked in, and I began turning to pile off the road and into the very solid wall beside me, lessening the impact and saving the human driver trying so hard to hit me. I’d have been quite badly damaged by colliding with the wall, of course, but such is life when you’re seen as expendable.

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Diary of a Neobody – May 8th, 2112

Hello diary.

I had the second half of my driving test last night, and I passed with flying colours. I suppose that isn’t much of a surprise, really. On the other hand, for the hours leading up to the test I was horribly nervous.

The theory test was in the morning, and I was fine with that since it was literally just regurgitating the rules and laws of the roads and skies; rather easy with perfect memory retention. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – May 8th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – May 1st, 2112

Hello diary.

I had my last driving lesson last night.

I decided, in the end, to learn by doing, not by downloading; neither I nor Grace could decide if downloading would be hypocritical, but we eventually agreed that actually being taught would be the better way forward. The main reason, one I’d not actually considered before, was that in being taught I’d have a chance to experience the assorted emotions of driving and, more importantly, I’d have the teacher there with me to help me cope with them. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – May 1st, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – April 24th, 2112

Hello diary.

The conference was a complete success.  We managed to pick up four clients looking to us to mediate between them and space-based industries, with interest from at least seven others.  As such, the office has been rather busy lately.  It’s still a relatively new area for us, so everyone’s still learning some of the little details. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – April 24th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – April 18th, 2112

Hello diary.

I’ve been… how did Joseph describe it? ‘Out of the loop’ for the last couple of days.  Ms Erikson, Joseph, and Mr Harris (who has now demanded I call him ‘Daniel’) were all supposed to be going to a conference on Earth/space -based company relations.  Ms Erikson fell ill on Sunday though, and I was brought on board at the last minute. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – April 18th, 2112”

Diary of a Neobody – April 9th, 2112

Hello diary.

I very nearly missed my entry today.  After the trip with everyone yesterday, I’ve been somewhat…distracted.

The activity centre was more impressive that I expected, to be honest.  It was almost a geodome like the ones in the US, just on a much smaller scale.  The entire place, barring the entrance and reception buildings, was underground.  It was like descending into some kind of strange grotto devoted to team-building exercises.  The whole area was made up of pseudo-woodland, with dirt paths leading between the different activities.  I hesitate to call them ‘games’, but that’s what a lot of them were, really; we certainly weren’t taking any of it seriously. Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – April 9th, 2112”