Please bear with us – we have no internet connection thanks to Openreach

Last thursday (2 November) at 18:44 our broadband vanished. After various tests and checks by our ISP it became clear that the problem was with the connection which is provided and maintained by Openreach. We were told it would be fixed within 48 hours. Today (monday 6 November) Openreach have said that it is a broken cable which is due to be fixed by the 22nd December (they didn’t say which year, I’m assuming 2017 but that may be hopeful). Apparently, despite having a Service Level Agreement with our ISP, Openreach feel no need to pay any attention to it. So we are without any internet connection (apart from by mobile phone) and incapable of conducting significant parts of our day to day work.

We have already lost business from one client today as a result.

If you are trying to contact us electronically, don’t be surprised if we are delayed in responding. Please bear with us.

UPDATE: After 6 days without any internet connection (I know, first world problems eh?) an Openreach chap arrived unannounced, put a device on our line and pinpointed the break to 585.7 metres away – “I know where that is” he said. I knew too, it was where other Openreach operatives were digging up the road and doing something to the buried cables. He left an oscillator on the line so he could track it and went away. At the end of the day he came back and confirmed that his colleagues had cut the cable by accident on the previous thursday. Rather than fix it immediately, they decided to leave it until the end of their work programme (i.e. 22nd December)! When he arrived to trace the problem they fixed it. He did warn me that they would be working on the cables in the village until late December so there was a very good chance they would cut the wrong cables again (apparently they use ‘concentric cable’ which makes it difficult to work out which strands go together, so instead of trying they just cut nearby strands and hope for the best). So we have our connection back, but who knows for how long!