Diary of a Neobody – January 2nd, 2112

So I’ve decided to keep a diary.  It seems as good a time as any – I’ve just become acquainted with the human concept of ‘a new year’s resolution’ after all.  I thought it was something to do with holopict’ display sizes at first, but then my good friend Grace explained it to me.

‘Good friend’.  It’s another concept I’m having a hard time coming to terms with.  It was never a problem before, but following my implant last month, everything has been a bit of a rush.  Who knew human emotions could be so much fun?  Though, I suppose ‘fun’ is an emotional response so, by definition, fun has to be a possible descriptor.  Before, I would experience…well, nothing, upon seeing Grace.  Now however, I feel a surge of what I think is happiness when I see her.  I know she’s only my case worker, but I feel connected to her in a way that ‘indebted’ doesn’t truly cover.  I wonder if I’ll get used to it, and it’ll go away? Continue reading “Diary of a Neobody – January 2nd, 2112”

AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale

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**     23 December 2023     **


In the last full day’s shopping before Christmas, it looks like the number one bestseller is AllEye the latest bioApp from GargantuaSoft.  This lets a user provide a real-time feed from their bioImplant to storage on one of GargantuaSoft’s servers; the feed can feature on GargantuaSoft’s own highlights service or be embedded in the user’s PersonalPage so their friends can subscribe to it.  It is being described as the first genuine ‘stream of consciousness’ bioApp. Continue reading “AllEye want for Christmas: a cautionary tale”

Professor delighted by [Re]Awakenings authors

Four of our authors: Neil Faarid, Robin Moran, Alexander Skye and Peter Wolfe -contributors to [Re]Awakenings, an anthology of new speculative fiction – are recent graduates from the English and Writing degree course at Leeds Trinity University College.  When the university heard about their debuts in the book they asked for more details and featured their graduates’ achievement on the university website, along with a comment from Professor Paul Hardwick, one of the inspirational teachers on the course. The news has also been featured on the Leeds students’ website Leeds Live it Love it, and in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

First trailer for [Re]Awakenings

Our first trailer for [Re]Awakenings is now on our YouTube channel.   It is not too serious and will hopefully entertain anyone who watches it.  You can visit our YouTube channel at:


[Re]Awakenings available in new Italian and Spanish Kindle stores

Amazon have launched new Kindle Stores in Italy and Spain.  [Re]Awakenings, an anthology of new Speculative Fiction  is available in both of the new stores, as well as all the existing Kindle Stores.

What a week!

I expected this to be an exciting week.  We officially launched the imprint Elsewhen Press, with our first title [Re]Awakenings bringing some new authors to the attention of fans of Speculative Fiction.  Monday morning [Re]Awakenings went straight into the UK Kindle bestsellers charts for Fantasy Short Stories and Science Fiction Short Stories.  By lunchtime we were in the top 10 in both charts and by tea time we were at no 3 in Fantasy Short Stories.  Not bad for a first day!  We crossed our fingers and hoped that the rest of the week would be as good.  Tuesday was much quieter but we were still feeling quite happy when, in the evening, we heard the sad news that Anne McCaffrey had died.  That rather wiped the smile from our faces.  For most of us in the editorial team Anne had been a significant formative influence on our tastes in reading.  She was a fixture in our bookshelves and our hearts; someone that we never imagined being without. The best we could do was sit down with a mug of Klah and tell Harper’s tales.  It helped.

So we are ending this week much less cheerful than we started it.  We are, however, immensely proud to have produced a great book; to have started an imprint catering for people who, like us, love science fiction and fantasy; and to have launched the writing career of some new, young (and not so young) authors whom we whole-heartedly believe will go on to become firm favourites with many readers.

[Re]Awakenings available to buy as eBook

[Re]Awakenings an anthology of new Speculative Fiction was launched today.  As part of the Elsewhen Press digital-first policy, it has been published in a digital edition today and will be published in a print edition in March next year.  It is available on all four of Amazon’s Kindle stores (US, UK, Germany, France) and all 32 of Apple’s iBookstores (UK, US, Canada, Australia, most of Europe).  It should be on Kobo too but hasn’t appeared on their store yet (but it’s not even breakfast time in Ontario yet).

[Re]Awakenings is an anthology of new short stories from seven different authors. It includes science fiction, fantasy and paranormal stories; some are serious, some are not. The authors are: Alison Buck, Neil Faarid, Gingerlily, Robin Moran, PR Pope, Alexander Skye and Peter Wolfe. PR Pope was also compiling editor.

Taster of [Re]Awakenings available for download

A taster of [Re]Awakenings an anthology of new Speculative Fiction is available as a pdf download (here) for those of you who can’t wait until next monday when the eBook edition is published.  The taster includes the foreword and the first page of each story.  Each of the online bookstores that will be selling the eBook edition of [Re]Awakenings (see a list here) will provide a sample which will consist of an extract from the start of the book, perhaps providing a taste of one or two of the stories but not letting you experience the variety of styles and stories from our galaxy of talented authors. So, at the request of some of our more impatient potential readers (just kidding), we have produced this taster.  It enables you to have a taste of all of the stories in the book, but without spoiling any of them for you before you buy the eBook next week 😉

If you’re not planning on buying the eBook but want to wait for the print edition next year, then this taster is even more apposite.

Speculative Fiction – isn’t all fiction speculative?

I was recently asked to contribute to, and act as compiling editor of, an anthology of new Speculative Fiction being published by Elsewhen Press.  The book, [Re]Awakenings, contains a collection of short stories from a number of authors, with examples of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal stories, some quite serious, some satirical, and some downright funny.  In the process of selecting the stories, choosing the running order and eventually trying to write the foreword, I thought long and hard about the distinctions between the different stories and whether they should be labelled in some way.  I decided to avoid giving each story some sort of restrictive tag, on the grounds that a reader should have the opportunity to enjoy the story without preconceived notions of what to expect.  As it is, the readership will already have self-selected as fans of one or more of the flavours of Speculative Fiction. Continue reading “Speculative Fiction – isn’t all fiction speculative?”

Who are Elsewhen Press?

Elsewhen Press is an independent publisher of Speculative Fiction based in the South East of England. An imprint of Alnpete Limited, a small privately owned company, we are a sibling to Alnpete Press, a publisher of general fiction. We were established in 2011 to concentrate on the themes and genres that most interested our editorial team.  We have adopted a digital-first publishing policy. We are open to both UK and non-UK authors of science fiction and fantasy fiction, writing in English (whether or not they have been previously published); but we are especially keen to discover and promote new authors.  Our plans include novels, anthologies of short stories from invited contributors, as well as anthologies of short stories from open invitation, and we will consider other interesting new projects.